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Welcome to my website! I’m Amanda Prescott… a Southern-raised beauty based in Augusta, GA.

UPDATE 4/20/20: Accepting appointments in the Augusta area! Mornings through early afternoons only. If you've emailed me in the past few months and received no response, please try again! Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to stay posted on upcoming travel! You can do so at the bottom of my website.


Our lives are so hectic these days! There's always somewhere to be, always something to buy, always something to do- the lists of tasks and activities are never-ending. We’ve become master multitaskers. I used to take pride in my own abilities to multitask, pride in my complexity. But from the beautiful chaos that has been my life a newer (yet ancient) way of being has been emerging: I’m learning to free myself from the rapid-fire sort of lifestyle by embracing simplicity.


What is simple? The human need for touch is simple, basic. The need for communication is simple. The need for connection with another human is simple. We are social creatures.


My social circle outside of this endeavor is quite small. A total INTP, I learned pretty early that I have a need for lots of time to myself. In many ways, companionship serves as my primary social outlet, and thus I am selective about who I choose to spend time with. When I interact and, perhaps, meet with someone, I do so out of a yearning to make a genuine connection. I have absolutely no time nor interest in any sort of drama, time-wasting, or head games. For me, as I hope it is for you, this adventure is about quality over quantity. It's that simple!

I’m incredibly adept at matching my energy to yours, making for the ultimate connection. Do you like to take things slowly? Slow it is. Up the pace? I’m with you. Little pecks on the lips? Or an exploration of tongues? (I do so love makeout sessions!) Soft caresses or a firm touch? Subtly, I adapt to your unique style, attuning myself to your preferences and desires.


(But don’t worry if you have the jitters! I won't meet nervous energy with nervous energy. I mean, of course, I get nervous too, but even in such a state I am adept at making you feel comfortable and at ease.)


I’m college-educated (with a near-perfect GPA in psychology) and you will find me to be a wonderful conversationalist! Genuine and down-to-earth, I love hearing about what others are interested in, especially what they are truly passionate about. (In my effort to avoid toxicity as much as possible, I rarely listen to politics or the news on my own time. But if there's something interesting going on you'd like to mention or discuss, please do!)

At this particular junction in life, it feels as though I have just shed a layer of skin... but what is emerging is hazy- as yet indeterminable, undefinable. As I work to unravel the veil, I'm focusing on figuring out what brings the best senses of fulfillment in my life. I've usually got several personal projects going on, and I'm excited for the next new thing I want to learn to show itself to me. I look forward to hearing from you and setting up a time to get to start knowing one another.​


Amanda Prescott

Note on fetish/domination: One of the few exceptions to my chameleon-like abilities is when it comes to power control or fetish sessions. In the past, I have attempted to explore whatever dominant side might be tucked away inside of me, but I am inherently more submissive than dominant. If domination is what you are seeking in a session, then I am probably not the companion for you. If you are interested in playing with someone on the submissive side of the spectrum, however, count me in!


If you have zero interest in any sort of power exchange, don't worry about the note- it is not something I frequently engage in anyway.


We all seek and crave human touch. I enjoy meeting people of all sorts, and do not discriminate based on age, color, gender, nationality, or ability. If you are disabled and prefer that I visit you at your residence, please waive my standard outcall fee.


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I rarely accept same-day requests. It is highly recommended you book in advance, particularly for travel dates, as it can affect whether or not I visit your city.
Travel Requests:
Extended engagements only. Please inquire.
Sensual Diversion or Prelude
(one hour)


Blissful Awareness
(three hours)


Intimate Introduction
(90 minutes)


Heavenly Experience
(four hours)


Getting to Know You
(two hours)


Euphoric Realms
(12 hours*)

$2,500** - out

$3,500** - in

Dinner Date
(dinner out + two hours)


(24 hours*)


(min. four hours)


Outcall not currently available.
-Recommended for new clients
-All overnights must include 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep and at least one meal. For dates lasting 24+ hours, 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is required, along with all meals. Morning access to coffee is highly recommended :)
-For Euphoric Realms (12 hours), "out" means we leave our accommodations to go out in public and/or the minimum sleep requirements are met. The "in" option means we spend the majority of our time together privately, with no excursions out and little to no sleep (only available during the day).

Please read this section carefully.

In order for us to book an appointment together, screening is a requirement. I offer three options:
Option #1: Photo ID + Preferred 411 member name or request from the site
         Option #2: Photo ID + 2 independent, professional lady-friend references. MUST include link to websites/ads AND their email addresses. No agencies, please.
          Option #3: Photo ID + work verification. (How you choose to use this option is up to you. Make me feel comfortable you work where you say you work.)

Concerned about your data? So am I! Discretion is of the utmost importance to me, for the both of us. Your information and identity are closely guarded. Once you have been screened, I have no need to keep any personal data besides your name (for future correspondence and reference requests) and email address- and I'll get rid of those, too, if ever you need!

I highly recommend you register with ProtonMail (or similar) for encrypted communications. If you’re browsing on a non-secure computer or on public wifi, please consider using a VPN!

• Everything you need to know to book an appointment with me is located on this website- that is it's sole purpose :) Providing all screening requirements in your initial email helps a lot!

(However, as I'm not accepting many appointments these days, I do understand if you wish to confirm availability on certain days or times before sending your screening information.)

• I really don't like to talk on the phone. Email is always the best way to get in touch with me!

• Please be sure to book in advance! At least 24 hours notice is preferred, especially for travel dates, and 48+ hours is perfect. Don't miss out because you didn't book in time!
• I'm highly intuitive when it comes to initial impressions over email, and quite selective. Please do not send me one-liner emails. The lone word "hey", all by itself, is never an appropriate introduction. "u avail?" Never.
• Please do not send me lewd or crass emails. I only respond to respectful gentlemen. I don't have a "menu” (but thanks for asking so I’ll know not to see you!)
• I will not respond to any questions regarding sexual activities, including acronyms, no matter how many emails we have exchanged prior to meeting. It's illegal! My rates are- always- for my time only.



"You [and Victoria Blackwood] are truly the sexiest women I have EVER been with. Thank you for the show and fun!"

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